The West Oak team includes 2 Allergists:

Dr. Andrea Marrin, MD FRCPC
Dr. Arthur Chung, MD FRCPC

We welcome referrals for ALL allergy issues and concerns, including:

– Venom (bee sting) Allergy
– Penicillin, Drug, and Latex Allergy
– Vaccine Allergy
– Food Allergy
– Allergic rhinitis
– Atopic dermatitis
– Asthma
– Urticaria (hives) and Angioedema
– Anaphylaxis
– Immunodeficiency

Our Specialists are available through consultation requisitions that can be acquired from your family physician or any one of our physicians.

Call us to get a requisition to see a Specialist. As a patient of West Oak Medical, you will not only receive quick access to any one of our Specialists, but will also benefit from decreased waiting times between appointments and increased collaboration between your family physician and our specialists.

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