3rd Party Payment List & Fees

Below are the listed 3rd Party Payment Charges. Please note that these charges may be subject to change and to please visit back to confirm latest prices.

Non OHIP Covered Visits
Non OHIP Doctor Visit                                                                    $60-$150
Non OHIP Allergist Consult                                                           $157.00 x 2.13
Allergy Consult + Testing                                                                $193.00 x 2.13
Non OHIP Pediatric Consult                                                           $167.00 x 2.13 & Up
Out Of Country Visit                                                                          $100

Sick Note/Work Note                                                                         $20
Referral to Physio/Massage/Chiro                                                  $25                  
Orthotic Note + Compression Stocking                                         $25                         
Lost Notes/Rx/Requisition                                                              $15

Transfer/Copy of Medical Records (Pages 1-20)                         $30                            
Transfer/Copy of Medical Records (each page after)                   $0.25             
Copies of Reports                                                                             $1.00

Wart Treatment (Plantar Wart covered by OHIP)                       $20, up to 3

CPP Disability Medical                                                                       $85.00+            
Life Insurance/Death Certificate                                                     $50.00+           
School, Camp, E.I.                                                                           $25.00+               
Attending Physician Statement                                                        $155.00+        
Letter at patient request                                                                    $300.00 /hr          
3rd Party Physicals with Forms                                                       $130
3rd Party Physicals (16yrs and under) with Forms                      $65
Drivers Medical Examination                                                           $130                         
Federal Tax & Credit                                                                         $35.00+

Travel Shot Administration (per injection)                                   $20.00
Travel Medical Advice (each additional family member)           $50.00